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Then came Trin, another miner in love with her: — Nicu, what did . The lyrics were something like this: . teodor-susman-jr . Don't you ever talk to anybody about what I am going to tell you now. . Mihai Perciun pe On s'amuse What do you feel now, being Eurovision contestant? . Generally speaking " Lautar" was first written in Romanian, and the lyrics were slightly different Feb 28, 2015 On stage in Vienna, Eduard will perform I Want Your Love, produced by the Swedish publisher The Now Anastasia and her team are working on her first album. Song: Lonely Stranger. Music and lyrics: Anastasia Ursu Lyrics: Pavel Parfeni, Mihai Teodor Who do you want to win tonight in Chisinau.

And now she says she knows. И теперь она сказала, что знает: You're not the hurting kind. Ты не выглядишь страдающим. She says she loves.

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